BigBIRD: (Big) Berkeley Instance Recognition Dataset

A Large-Scale 3D Database of Object Instances

Arjun Singh, James Sha, Karthik Narayan, Tudor Achim, Pieter Abbeel

This is the website for the dataset introduced in the ICRA 2014 publication "A Large-Scale 3D Database of Object Instances." Specifically, for each of (currently) 125 objects, we provide:

Note that some objects, depending on their properties (e.g. transparency) may not have point clouds or meshes. We include them to enable others to develop methods to reconstruct point clouds and/or meshes.

We plan to continuously collect and upload objects and test scenes. As researchers use the data, we will list results and benchmarks here. If you have any results on the data that you would like listed here, please contact us (

In order to access the data, please fill out the form below. Only the email field is required. Access is granted immediately. You will be redirected to a page that you can bookmark, and access in the future without having to provide your information again. If you would like us to notify you when updates are made to the dataset, please check the checkbox below when submitting the form. You can resubmit the form to let us know about your usage and about what you find useful and/or missing from the dataset.